Sears Executives

Sears Canada Inc.
National Customer Service Centre

c/o President's Office

500 College St. East
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5L3
Phone 888-473-2772
Fax 613-391-3047

Officers of Sears Canada Inc.

Brent Hollister
President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard A. Brown
Sr. Vice-President, Merchandising & Marketing

Ajit Khanna
Senior Vice-President, Direct, Dealer and Service Sales

Frances Magliocchi
Senior Vice-President, Human Resources

David B. Merkley
Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Frank Rocchetti
Senior Vice-President & Operations Officer

Ethel J. Taylor
Senior Vice-President, Corporate Store Sales

Rudolph R. Vezér
Senior Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer

  Sears Canada Inc. Board of Directors

Alan Lacy
Vice Chairman, Sears Holdings Corporation

William D. Anderson
President, BCE Ventures

William C. Crowley
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Sears Holdings Corporation

Brent Hollister
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mary Mogford
Corporate Director

James W. Moir, Jr.
Corporate Director

Morris A. Perlis
Corporate Director

Dene Rogers
Executive Vice President, Restructuring and Business Improvement,
Sears Holdings Corporation

C. Wesley M. Scott
Corporate Director

Carol M. Stephenson
Dean, Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario

For more information, call (416) 941-4425, fax (416) 941-4793 or write to:

Sears Canada Inc.
Corporate Communications

222 Jarvis Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2B8


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